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Our Horses

The entire herd

  • Aramis - Sanctuary2006 BLM Burro Gelding
  • Avery - Intake2010 QH Mare - Intake
  • Blue Falcon - Inbound1996 Standardbred Gelding
  • Cheyenne - Sanctuary1995 Registered ApHC Mare
  • Cinnamon - Sanctuary2006 TWH Mare
  • Nick - Available2005 TB Gelding
  • Curly - Sanctuary2012 BLM Burro Gelding
  • Hiawasse - Intake2010 Appy Gelding
  • Juan Valdez - Sanctuary2010 BLM Burro Gelding
  • Moses - Available2002 Appaloosa Gelding
  • Niache - Available2010 QH Mare
  • Peanut - Available2010 Arabian Gelding
  • Penny - Intake2011 Appy Mare
  • Porthos - Sanctuary2009 BLM Burro Gelding
  • Sabih - Sanctuary2011 Mustang Gelding
  • Sebastian - Sanctuary1991 TB Gelding
  • Shady - Available2004 TWH/QH Gelding
  • Spirit - Sanctuary2007 Appaloosa Gelding
  • Valentine and Athos - Available2003 BLM Burro Mare 2010 BLM Burro Gelding
  • Zorro - Sanctuary2010 BLM Burro Gelding
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Recent Rescue

Our most current Rescue!

New Trio

Hiawasse (l) and Penny (r) are registered Appaloosas. Avery (c) is a grade Quarterhorse.


Our upcoming and recent events


Second Chances Equine Rescue welcomes volunteers!

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Summer Plans

Wondering what you're going to do all Summer? Spend your time with our herd!

Our horses always need love, exercise, grooming - and there are plenty of chores to do if you are not familiar with horses.

Summer Plans

Tours and Information

Do you have a group that is interested in touring our farm and learning about what we're doing? Contact us today to schedule.

Tours and Information

Latest Projects

Quarantine Pen

385MP Volunteer Day

On 11 Mar some of our MPs from Ft. Stewart helped us build a permanent quarantine pen for inbound and ill horses. THANK YOU!

Wild Ones Roundup

Wild Ones Round Up

On 14 Apr Dr. Myran came out to pull Coggins and give vaccinations to all our wild burros.

Garden Spot

Prepped Garden Spot

Brian instructed a group on how to properly prep the garden spot. Carrots inbound for the horses!

Cross Fencing

Cross Fencing

Sabih and Peanut have a bromance that is NOT nice to our fencing. This small section had to be repaired.


  • There are some people who do this for the attention and then there are some who do it for the passion. This is definitely a passion.

    Grace Sweat

  • Caring people caring for horses at Second Chances Equine Rescue...AWESOME!

    John Sylvester

  • One of my favorite places to be.

    Ayla Nelson

  • It's great the love these one have for the animals.

    Summer Rizzen

  • This is an amazing place. Second Chances gives hope to horses who have none.

    Jennifer Whalen

  • When a horse's world is thrown into chaos a horse comes here to find refuge and peace; when a person's world is thrown into chaos they come here and find their best friend and adopt them into their family. What more could horse or human ever desire?

    Elizabeth Jones

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