a second chance at life
for the herd and people we serve

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Our Newest Arrivals


SCER-GA accepts equines who are malnourished and/or abused that require rehabilitation. We also respond to County or State agencies.


SCER-GA provides the necessary veterinary, farrier, nutrition, time, and training to an equine that needs rehabilitation.


SCER-GA is ran solely on donations.
Every penny of every donation goes towards an equine in our care. We are ALL VOLUNTEERS!

Roy came to us from an abandonment case with a large portion of his body covered in some type of fungus that turned him black instead of palomino. He's no longer contagious but is going to have a long recovery ahead to see just how much of his hair will grow back in. Luckily, Roy is a well behaved gelding that allows us to doctor him so he has the best chance. We can't wait to see what he knows under saddle.

Captain, Gandalf, Mimic, and Teddy arrived together on 1 Mar.
Of the four, only Gandalf needs medical attention. The others just need to learn to trust in humans again.
Captain and Mimic have had prior training and need to have a refresher. Teddy needs some littles to love, he's out of practice but very kind.

Trigger, Zeus, Chanel, and Louie arrived together on 17 Feb.
Trigger needs significant weight before we will be able to evaluate his training. Zeus is pending adoption as he arrived healthy.
Chanel and Louie were transferred to South Georgia Equine Rescue for their rehabilitation.


When a horse's world is thrown into chaos a horse comes here to find refuge and peace; when a person's world is thrown into chaos they come here and find their best friend and adopt them into their family. What more could horse or human ever desire?

There are some people who do this for the attention and then there are some who do it for the passion. This is definitely a passion.

It is a wonderful place and great people who truly care about the health and well being of the herd!