About Us

Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc - a second chance at life for the horses and people we serve.
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Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the state of Georgia.

We opened our gate in August 2013 because our Founder fell in love with a picture of Spirit and made it her mission to save him from slaughter. Cinnamon was purchased at the same auction and they arrived after many hours on the phone, email, and Facebook. We have a deep love for all animals but our passion is for horses.

Since then we have been privileged to help over 210 equines with assisting and educating owners, re-homing, rescue, rehabilitation, and adoption or sanctuary.

We are building as we grow to better suit the herds needs. Keep checking back to see all the excitement as we go!

We are happy to provide receipts for bookkeeping purposes but please obtain advice from a qualified accountant before making or claiming a tax deduction for your donation. Any and all donations, funds, and adoption fees are put back into the organization.

Our Mission

Second Chances Equine Rescue is a nonprofit organization that will provide: a humane alternative for equines, necessary care and training to increase their potential for adoption, or sanctuary when deemed. With equine assisted work, we educate the public about how there can be a special link between rescued horses and the dignified treatment of all people with emotional, behavioral, social, mental, physical and/or spiritual needs. As humans help the horses, the horses help the humans.

Why Choose Us

Second Chances equines are current on medical needs, we've tested their knowledge, and worked hard to get them trustworthy. We are honest with their quirks and medical needs and will guide you towards an equine partner that will complement your goals.