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Second Chances Equine Rescue

a second chance at life for the horses and people we serve

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    Our equines are current on medical and training, we know their quirks, and what life they are most suited for.

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    We are looking for motivated people in EVERY area. Make a huge difference in as little as 30 minutes a week.

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  • Who

    SCER-GA accepts equines who are malnourished and/or abused that require rehabilitation. We also respond to County or State agencies.

  • What

    SCER-GA provides the necessary veterinary, farrier, nutrition, time, and training to a horse that needs rehabilitation.

  • How

    SCER-GA is ran solely on donations. Every penny of every donation goes towards a horse in our care. We are ALL VOLUNTEERS!

Recent Arrival

Valley in Action

Valley is a 1999 Standardbred mare who will require a lot of recovery time as she's a picky eater. She will be evaluated to determine if it is medical or just her way. We can't wait to figure her out and watch her beauty shine!

Valley in Action

Our Herd

SCER-GA does not specialize in one breed, we accept any breed that requires assistance. Temperment and training is evaluated and time is provided to allow the appropriate rehabilitation to occur, whether in body or spirit - or both. Visit us to meet your forever partner today.

  • Available for Adoption

    We have several horses and burros available, ranging from pasture guardian, pasture pet (companion only), green broke, to well trained. Take a look at what we have to offer and set up an adoption visit today to meet the herd.

  • Sanctuary

    A few of our herd are unsuitable for adoption. They still have a lot of love to give, and welcome visitors. They need your support!


Rescue Sling Fundraiser

In the last week of March we were at a local pasture where a mare had been down for several hours. She was too weak to get up on her own and no one had the appropriate equipment to help lift her - to include us. Unfortunately the mare was euthanized due to injury that could have been prevented had the proper sling been available.
We are now raising funds to purchase a Becker Sling so that we are never faced with that scenario again. We have been extremely lucky in the past that nothing of this nature has occurred. While the Sling is costly and will be stored more than used, we feel it is a necessary tool to have in our arsenal. Please help us raise the funds needed.
If you're interested in how the sling is made the manufacturer website has detailed information.


Second Chances Equine Rescue welcomes volunteers!
We are looking for motivated people in EVERY area.

Active Fundraisers

  • War Horse Program

    Join us to help launch our War Horse Program for Veterans, First Responders, and their family members! As humans help the horses, the horses help the humans.

  • Bathroom Facility Wheelchair Ramp

    We are continuing to raise funds to build wheelchair ramp for our bathroom so that we are able to support a wider range of visitors.


  • - Elizabeth Jones

    When a horse's world is thrown into chaos a horse comes here to find refuge and peace; when a person's world is thrown into chaos they come here and find their best friend and adopt them into their family. What more could horse or human ever desire?

  • - Grace Persinger

    There are some people who do this for the attention and then there are some who do it for the passion. This is definitely a passion.

  • - Stephanie Williams

    It is a wonderful place and great people who truly care about the health and well being of the horses!