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Trail Ride

We did a test ride today out at Middleton Lake.

From Ludowici on Hwy 57 you will turn right on Lennie Mae Rd. If you’ve gotten to Tibet Baptist Church on the left or Low Country Paintball on the right, you’ve gone too far.

From Townsend towards Ludowici, you’ll go just past Tibet Baptist Church and look for the next left.

Off Hwy 57, about 1/4 mile from Tibet Baptist Church
Off Hwy 57, about 1/4 mile from Tibet Baptist Church

The landing point is still a couple of miles in on the dirt roads. We’ll have signs up on the highway and going to the landing.

The path we’re taking can be modified if you desire but it’s a nice ride that is mostly protected by trees even though it’s on the service roads. We haven’t gauged it yet but it’s approximately 6.5 miles. Excuse the horrible art in the picture below.

Path to take
Path to take

We’re bringing water bottles for the humans and hope to be setting up a water trough for the horses (bring a copy of the negative Coggins for each horse please!!!!!). The high temp is supposed to be around 84.

See you all on Saturday, 1 Oct! We will ride out promptly at 9 am.

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Busy Day!

We’ve had a busy day today!

We started with the farrier for half the herd – everyone is improving in this half.
Then Dr. Myran from Countryside Equine Medicine and Dentistry came out to visit Avery, Blue, Nick, and Penny.
Everyone jump for joy with us when we announce that Avery and Penny are NOT bred! They just have humongous grass bellies.
We are exploring suggested options for Nick to have front shoes to relieve some of his discomfort. This should be entertaining with him.
And last but not least Blue got a check up because he is just not gaining weight like we expect AND he managed to stab himself with something in the pasture. Yes we checked and could not find anything he could have done it with. Apparently it ran away as soon as it stabbed him. He’s already swelling and trying to get infected (we found it yesterday) so Blue gets some antibiotics to go with his topical treatment and cold hosing. Blue also had most all his teeth done today. We can definitely understand why it’s been taking so long for him to eat. Recheck in three weeks if not before. Blue will require additional dental work in a few months as Dr. Myran felt it was not prudent to take it all at one time.
As soon as Dr. Myran left we loaded up the trailer on what was hoped to be a pickup. Unfortunately we had to see Dr. Myran again at that location so we could help the horse cross the Rainbow Bridge. :'(
As always, THANK YOU Dr. Myran for being a great Veterinarian and helping us meet our mission goals!
We rushed back for feeding and to make it to Tractor Supply’s Friends and Family Event before closing tonight. We now have all of the fence and most of our fence posts for our upcoming installation. Now we need gates, galvanised pins, and poly tape electric fence insulators – and lots of assistance!
We ran inside after the rain started pouring 🙁 Tired fully explains our day.