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Rescue In Need

Last year at this time we had a little wiggle room. We weren’t full and we had a few dedicated sponsors.

Today we are over our max and have only those same dedicated sponsors. We are in need ourselves. Making a horse ‘safe’ is just the beginning of the process. Each horse costs us approximately $225 per month – if no emergencies or special needs occur.

Are you able to help support our mission to ensure our herd AND area horses remain safe? We have several options for donations and all of them are tax deductible. A lot of people sending $5 – $10 every month definitely does add up and makes it possible for us to continue saving lives.

Our mailing address is

Second Chances Equine Rescue
7663 Hwy 196 W
Hinesville, GA 31313
Annual Fund -
Hay Fund -
Sponsor a Horse -
Building Fund -

We have five horses available for adoption that are trained to ride (at various levels) and will require a refresher. We have three more available that have not been trained. We have a bonded pair of burros available as guardians. Our adoption process can be found at Our adoption fees on these range from $300 to $900 dependant on the horse in question. We are looking for forever homes!Available for Adoption

We have had contacts in the past week for five additional horses that are in need. These horses will need a full veterinary workup in addition to appropriate farrier care and refeeding. Each horse we accept will cost approximately $500 for the first month.

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Fence Building – Almost

We have a grant, and deadline of 31 Dec, to replace old fence around the hay barn and exclude the pond. The biggest problem was finding one section of fencing so we could remove it. It was severely overgrown.

Yesterday we had a few volunteers come out to tackle that section. There were trees, vines, bushes, and fence buried 6 inched in the ground. Old barbed wire and new vines with thorns surrounded a large part of it.


We not only found the old fence, we removed most of what would prevent installing the new one. Bon-fire anyone?

While we were clearing the land, one of the guys started repairing the tin roof on the hay barn. Something that’s needed done for a while and made worse by Hurricane Matthew. Now we have a secure roof.

Thank you to Alton, Damien, Dominique, Kevin, Lee, Sam, and Stephanie for being outstanding and giving us part (or all) of your Monday.

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Hurricane Survival!

Happy pastures

The herd plus our three guests are all doing well. Only one minor contusion between them all that we could see.

We have zero damage to the fencing in the main pastures! However we did lose our quarantine pen to a tree (no one was in there). We have lost a total of 7 trees, several large and small branches, and 2 power poles that had no service. We’re still without power but thankfully we filled all the water troughs we had prior to it going down. Hopefully that will get us through until power is restored.

Please join us tomorrow for the beginnings of cleanup if you have the time and/or equipment.

We know you’d all prefer a picture of the herd but this beautiful shot of the pasture was too much to pass up since we had two very ugly days.