Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc - a second chance at life for the equines and people we serve.


Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc. Adoptions function much like a Lease.

The contract assures that the adoptive equine, while remaining Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc. property, will have protection and a high standard of care throughout his life. The contract also assures the adopter that should you need to return the equine to Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc. at any point, you can be certain the equine can return to us. We freeze brand each adopted equine. Prior to visiting a equine you are interested in we do require an application be submitted.

We cater to an adopter base that wants to be part of a solution to the neglect problems equines are experiencing here.

Because the adoptive SCER-GA equines are placed up to date on all vetting, dental work, and farrier care, we know caring, astute men and women will quickly see how valuable Adoption verses a purchase proves to be when you’re ready to seek out an equine partner.

1. Read over the Required Documents

Please make sure our process is a good fit with your goals.

Requirements / Contract / Standards

Do not submit an application until you are certain you are dedicated to the idea of adoption and can provide all requested information.

2. Complete and Submit an Application

APPLY NOW! The application is interactive and easy to submit. Remember  to include your Identification and facility photo in the interactive application online.

3. Wait for a Decision on the Application

The process can take 1-4 weeks depending on how quickly we can touch base with your references. If approved, we will schedule a visit for you to meet the equines to see which may prove a good fit for you. Please call your references and explain a representative from Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc. will be contacting them shortly. You are responsible to ask your Vet, farriers and other references to return our calls or messages.

The Application must be approved by our Board of Directors unanimously. First approved applicant has first option on equine in question.

4. Have the contract signed and notarized

Download: The Contract and make sure to have this with you and notarized on adoption day. We have to disappoint anyone, but without this in order, the equine cannot leave the rescue.

5. Pick up the adopted equine

You must arrange safe transport or afford to hire reputable transport for your adoptive equine. equines will not leave in unsafe trailers for any reason. Transport is a cost the adopter must cover.

6. Stay in Touch

During the first twelve (12) months of the adoption, the Adopter provides photo updates every month. Adopter’s shall complete a veterinarian screening with verifiable statement of equine condition at the conclusion of the first 12 months of adoption to confirm equine is at a healthy weight and is receiving care that meets the standards listed within this contract. Alternatively, Adopter may schedule a farm visit with Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc. Adopter shall reimburse Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc. for travel costs incurred to conduct a farm visit. At the conclusion of first 12 months following adoption, Adopter shall provide quarterly updates to include 2 photos that are dated and an overview of the equine's condition for remainder of the equine's life. Read details photo requirements here.

Adoption is a mutually rewarding agreement that benefits the adopter and the equine to the fullest. This process if tailored to give the maximum safety to the rescued equines and the most support to the adopter. We appreciate the many, many adopters who have found the process worth their while and would do it all over again.