Adoption Terms

  1. You must have a farrier and vet reference able to give us solid feedback. Unfortunately, without these two references, we cannot process an application in most circumstances. If you haven’t owned horses in some time or previously, the vet reference can be for your family pets. Equine Trainers can be substituted for the farrier reference is you do not currently own horses.
  2. A farm visit is sometimes required unless distance doesn’t allow for one.
  3. Adopters may be need to have a face to face interview depending on strength of application.
  4. Applications from those currently caring for more than FOUR horses are subject to income verification which will allow the rescue to establish ability to cover care costs of the adoptive horse
  5. We do not adopt more than 2 horses to any applicant without an extremely strong application, with income verification and unless you own your own property.
  6. Shelter must be provided in the form of a barn, stalls or run in. Trees will not suffice. Fence generally cannot be barbed wire. T-posts will need to be capped if used.
  7. Visits to meet the horses are only allowed after you have an APPROVED APPLICATION. An appointment must be made in 7 days from approval or the next application will be processed. First approved applicant has the first option to adopt if the adoption is a good fit for horse and person.
  8. You must be able to send quarterly photo updates of adopted horses to the rescue.

Our ideal goal is a lifelong placement. Click here for the application