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At Capacity

Ladies and Gentlemen we need your help!

Over the past three months we have sadly lost two horses and very happily approved adoptions of three from our herd. In the past few weeks we have accepted seven that we do not yet know whether will be sanctuary or adoptable, either way it will take some time to discover. This places us at capacity and we get phone calls/emails/Facebook messages nearly every day about more horses.

If you are on our volunteer list and are still interested in helping us, please schedule today! If you’d like to begin volunteering, please complete the volunteer application and contact us to schedule your tour. We need every type of volunteer. We have horses that are English and Western, and those who have no training. Everyone deserves their spa days. If you’re unfamiliar with riding or training but still want to help the herd there are always ways to assist.

If you, or someone you know, is interested in adopting one of our herd the first step is to complete the adoption application and send it in. We do not currently have any horses that are ‘dead broke’ or for beginners.

Last, and definitely not least, we need your help with donations! Every horse that arrives costs approximately $450 to quarantine and get them current on vaccinations, Coggins, and farrier – if they do not require any additional Veterinary care or shoes which could easily quadruple the cost. Every penny that is donated goes directly to the herd, and if you specify what the donation should go towards – it will. Can you help us continue to save lives?

We feed Mid-South Ener-G-Plus to everyone and add Tribute K Finish to those who are underweight. Sebastian is fed DoMOR Senior because it works for him. We prefer to purchase our hay from our known suppliers to ensure quality and consistency. We have the herd on a Vet recommended deworming schedule. Our Farrier is out every three weeks to trim half the herd. We do not currently have anyone who requires shoes. Coggins tests and vaccinations as our Vet recommends are completed on schedule. Each horse has an estimated annual cost of $2700, baring any emergencies or illness. We will gladly accept in kind donations. Please contact us to determine our current needs.