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Baby Bella – or NOT!

On 9 Jan we picked up a pretty little hackney pony that was reported to be three years old. She didn’t have a name so three of our littlest volunteers (all under 10) agreed on the name of Bella. She came with a large lump in her left jaw.

Since Dr. Myran would be out to visit with her anyway we went ahead and handled the lump. It turns out that Bella had a molar to be removed and was packing food around that tooth. The removed (and all) tooth supports an age of 12 – 15 years old, NOT THREE.

Bella’s starting weight was ~488 lbs but is gaining already. She was cleared to move out of quarantine so she moved to the barn area yesterday ahead of the storm. She and Blue have decided they are going to be great friends (both have great anxiety from the storm) and we’re hoping they will encourage each other to gain weight. It’s amusing to see the largest and smallest playing together. Bella is very afraid of people near her head and flank but calms down once she knows she’s safe. We’ll report on any training levels once we know more.