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Busy Day!

We’ve had a busy day today!

We started with the farrier for half the herd – everyone is improving in this half.
Then Dr. Myran from Countryside Equine Medicine and Dentistry came out to visit Avery, Blue, Nick, and Penny.
Everyone jump for joy with us when we announce that Avery and Penny are NOT bred! They just have humongous grass bellies.
We are exploring suggested options for Nick to have front shoes to relieve some of his discomfort. This should be entertaining with him.
And last but not least Blue got a check up because he is just not gaining weight like we expect AND he managed to stab himself with something in the pasture. Yes we checked and could not find anything he could have done it with. Apparently it ran away as soon as it stabbed him. He’s already swelling and trying to get infected (we found it yesterday) so Blue gets some antibiotics to go with his topical treatment and cold hosing. Blue also had most all his teeth done today. We can definitely understand why it’s been taking so long for him to eat. Recheck in three weeks if not before. Blue will require additional dental work in a few months as Dr. Myran felt it was not prudent to take it all at one time.
As soon as Dr. Myran left we loaded up the trailer on what was hoped to be a pickup. Unfortunately we had to see Dr. Myran again at that location so we could help the horse cross the Rainbow Bridge. :'(
As always, THANK YOU Dr. Myran for being a great Veterinarian and helping us meet our mission goals!
We rushed back for feeding and to make it to Tractor Supply’s Friends and Family Event before closing tonight. We now have all of the fence and most of our fence posts for our upcoming installation. Now we need gates, galvanised pins, and poly tape electric fence insulators – and lots of assistance!
We ran inside after the rain started pouring 🙁 Tired fully explains our day.
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Vet Visit

Dr. Myran visited us this morning to ensure everyone was current on their vaccinations and Coggins. He also checked out our new arrivals and gave us some good and so so news.

Cheyenne is doing so well that she is able to go back into rotation with light exercise.

Sebastian is cleared for same light exercise once his topline fills just a slight amount more.

Blue and Lady are as we all expected and just need some groceries. They have determined that Nick is their buddy and love the back pasture.

Dr. Myran suggests that Avery, Hiawasse, and Penny are all at least 20 years old and Moses is around 18. Penny’s leg wound and Hiawasse’s eyes will have to be watched for cancer growth as they are both prone. Moses is clear for exercise with proper padding and saddle fit, we just have to ensure he does not drain from his old withers injury.

All of our new residents need some additional groceries but otherwise seem to be in good health. Fly masks will be fun trying to keep on these guys since quite a few are having allergy / conjunctivitis reactions. Let the scavenger hunts begin!


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Trio Update

Trio Update

After our first inspection during the daylight hours we’ve found both good and bad.

Hiawasse does not know his name and it’s a mouthful so we need an appropriate barn name for him. Physically he’s in the best condition, which makes total sense as he’s the dominant one. His tail may be a loss unless someone has the patience and knowledge to unravel the knot. He did stand well for handling while it was being checked out.

Penny has a growth on her front right leg that is about an inch in diameter, length, and width. It is solid rock to the touch but does not seem to bother her. Veterinary discussions have already begun. She is the middle ground on physical health. Her mane and tail have a small amount of snarls that SHOULD be easy enough to clear. Penny is the most reactive to her surroundings even though she walked along the highway with zero issues last night.

Avery got a shower and a good brushing to get the remainder of the winter coat. She has scratches and scrapes nearly everywhere that we’ve doctored and recorded so we can see progression. She is the least dominant of the three so has the most physical concerns. She also has a nasty case of rain rot. Her tail is in decent condition but her mane is a huge knot. She will stand beautifully for just about everything. She loved her shower.

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Help us Welcome our New Trio

Hiawasse, Avery, Penny

Help us welcome our new trio of Hiawasse, Avery, and Penny!

We’re still gathering information on these guys but

Hiawasse is 6ish Appy gelding (left) who has had no training.

Avery is 6-7 yr old QH mare (center) who has been trained but needs some groceries before she’ll be ready to go again.

Penny is 5ish Appy mare (right) who has had no training. She is a non loader, but we’ll practice, however she walks down the highway like she has been doing it her entire life.

Penny and Hiawasse are full brother and sister and are reported to be registered.

Hiawasse, Avery, Penny
Hiawasse, Avery, Penny