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Vet Visit

Dr. Myran visited us this morning to ensure everyone was current on their vaccinations and Coggins. He also checked out our new arrivals and gave us some good and so so news.

Cheyenne is doing so well that she is able to go back into rotation with light exercise.

Sebastian is cleared for same light exercise once his topline fills just a slight amount more.

Blue and Lady are as we all expected and just need some groceries. They have determined that Nick is their buddy and love the back pasture.

Dr. Myran suggests that Avery, Hiawasse, and Penny are all at least 20 years old and Moses is around 18. Penny’s leg wound and Hiawasse’s eyes will have to be watched for cancer growth as they are both prone. Moses is clear for exercise with proper padding and saddle fit, we just have to ensure he does not drain from his old withers injury.

All of our new residents need some additional groceries but otherwise seem to be in good health. Fly masks will be fun trying to keep on these guys since quite a few are having allergy / conjunctivitis reactions. Let the scavenger hunts begin!


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Peanut is BACK!

Peanut is back home with us now after being with a trainer. Through no fault of his own he still has not had a rider on his back. He has had all the ground training he could possibly ask for.

Peanut has always been somewhat spooky and has shown a preference to being a one person horse. He still gets very nervous when a group of people are around him.

He’s currently renewing old acquaintances with Cheyenne and Sabih and we’re sure will move to the fence to check out our new arrivals soon.

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Blue Falcon N

Blue Falcon N was sent to New Holland auction where he did not sell, then was sent through Cranbury Sale Stable where Standardbred Retirement Foundation bailed him and sent him to quarantine. Again, details are not widely available when they come out of the auctions.

Blue is spunky and is NOT ready for retirement! He has let us know that he does not like confinement and will defend his right to freedom.  Blue is a big boy and has no clue he is 20 years old nor that he has arthritis and thrush. He is currently our largest resident and will need some down time. He has already shown an affinity for Cheyenne and Sabih so hopefully he will also get a long with Peanut so he can be pastured with the three of them.

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Noreaster Lady

Noreaster Lady is a 2003 Standardbred mare with 9AB39 freeze brand. She was sent to Moore’s auction where she was bailed by the Standardbred Retirement Foundation and placed in quarantine. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of history when they arrive via auction.

Lady has a home with an approved adopter in Savannah as soon as she is cleared to go. She is 15.3h and has scarring from pin firing in the past. Lady currently has thrush in at least two of her feet and needs a few more pounds.

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Blue and Lady have arrived

Blue Falcon has been on our inbound list for the past month while he’s been in quarantine. Noreaster Lady was a recent addition to the shipping list and will be moving to her adopted home as soon as we clear her.

Because we also had a large storm posting has been delayed and we weren’t able to do a proper intake yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to take care of that in the morning.

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Purina Pet Days at Tractor Supply

Yesterday we attended the Purina Pet Days event at the Hinesville Tractor Supply. Cheyenne and Sebastian attended with us. Sebastian did not want to leave his field and all his friends in the morning.

We were able to meet a lot of new people and explain who we are and why rescue is needed in the community. There were a lot of children who wanted to give the horses some love and may have been the first time they’ve been that close. We hope that some of the new people we met will join us as volunteers or potential homes for one of our herd. When it got warm we took the horses out individually to get a shower (neither liked being separated and showed their displeasure).

Amanda Murphy Photography was out at the farm last week and took some beautiful pictures of the herd. She used the picture she took of Shady and created a fabulous 8×10 watercolor canvas for us to raffle over the past 24 hours.

8x10 watercolor canvas
8×10 watercolor canvas

The winner of the raffle is a great little boy named Colton Langan. He and his family just moved here from a large city and Colton has taken to the ‘country’ lifestyle very well. He was decked out in his boots and cowboy hat yesterday when we met. Congratulations Colton! We’ll be calling you shortly to arrange delivery of your picture.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle, we appreciate your support! Pictures from yesterday will be coming soon, keep a look out.

As always, spread the word that we are in need of volunteers for every part of the caretaking process and we have horses available for adoption.

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Farrier today

This post is actually about two things.

  1. We love our farrier (horses and human)
  2. Moses is going to be fabulous!

We get horses in every condition that you can imagine. Sometimes their mental state or training level is as bad as their physical health. Kasie has been our Farrier almost from day one. None of our horses has been too much of a challenge for her yet, and those we feel may be actually turn out to be the best when she’s finished with them.

Moses has not allowed anyone to trim his feet in some time. He’s had damage to his withers and has had a lack of handling. Moses still didn’t want to allow any work today at first. Kasie had a chat with him then he decided he would stand just fine.

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Trio Update

Trio Update

After our first inspection during the daylight hours we’ve found both good and bad.

Hiawasse does not know his name and it’s a mouthful so we need an appropriate barn name for him. Physically he’s in the best condition, which makes total sense as he’s the dominant one. His tail may be a loss unless someone has the patience and knowledge to unravel the knot. He did stand well for handling while it was being checked out.

Penny has a growth on her front right leg that is about an inch in diameter, length, and width. It is solid rock to the touch but does not seem to bother her. Veterinary discussions have already begun. She is the middle ground on physical health. Her mane and tail have a small amount of snarls that SHOULD be easy enough to clear. Penny is the most reactive to her surroundings even though she walked along the highway with zero issues last night.

Avery got a shower and a good brushing to get the remainder of the winter coat. She has scratches and scrapes nearly everywhere that we’ve doctored and recorded so we can see progression. She is the least dominant of the three so has the most physical concerns. She also has a nasty case of rain rot. Her tail is in decent condition but her mane is a huge knot. She will stand beautifully for just about everything. She loved her shower.

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Help us Welcome our New Trio

Hiawasse, Avery, Penny

Help us welcome our new trio of Hiawasse, Avery, and Penny!

We’re still gathering information on these guys but

Hiawasse is 6ish Appy gelding (left) who has had no training.

Avery is 6-7 yr old QH mare (center) who has been trained but needs some groceries before she’ll be ready to go again.

Penny is 5ish Appy mare (right) who has had no training. She is a non loader, but we’ll practice, however she walks down the highway like she has been doing it her entire life.

Penny and Hiawasse are full brother and sister and are reported to be registered.

Hiawasse, Avery, Penny
Hiawasse, Avery, Penny
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Blue Falcon

Blue Falcon started his life in 1996 in New Zealand. He is a Standardbred gelding who is currently in quarantine from being sold (again) at auction. Luckily a great group was able to bail him before his deadline was met and shipped to slaughter.

Blue Falcon raced several times in Australia but never really made the winnings. It is unknown why he was then shipped to the US to try again. Do our tracks have better something?  In any case he only raced once in the US and we assume was either put out to pasture or sold at auction to the Amish.

On 9 May he was in an auction where no one purchased him and was then ran through another auction on 11 May where no one stepped forward. He was bailed from the 10 lot on 14 May.

Blue Falcon arrived to quarantine shod, lame, and severely malnourished. After removing his shoes, he has thrush in all four feet. He’s had his first trim and seems to be doing better every day. Fear of the unknown is a huge event in these horses lives.

Blue Falcon will be arriving in the coming weeks and will need more downtime and care to hopefully get him back to a healthy boy. We’re hoping that he will still be able to drive but time will tell. Keep Blue in your thoughts! As we get closer and have an actual date we will update everyone.


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Moses has arrived!

Moses came to us through an individual that completed most of his rehabilitation over the Winter. He still needs a little weight and some training on picking up his feet. He’s a little skittish of people but in your pocket once he realizes you’re ok. He will need some refresher training and the remaining weight and will be available to a home.

Moses is 14.2h and currently ~878 lbs. He has dark bay spots that turn reddish during the Winter. He’s truly a gorgeous boy who deserves a home where he can be loved.

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