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Vet Visit

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Dr. Myran visited us this morning to ensure everyone was current on their vaccinations and Coggins. He also checked out our new arrivals and gave us some good and so so news. Cheyenne is doing so well that she is able to go back into rotation with light exercise. Sebastian… Read more »


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I had to go to Charleston today for medical appointments. In between my appointments I was trying to coordinate the pickup of another horse and I thought everything was going well since we had the evening meal covered. Oh how wrong I was!¬†On my way home I got that phone… Read more »

Ayla and Peanut

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Peanut arrived in March, very much afraid of everything. He still is for the most part but we’re slowly desensitizing him with everything he shows he’s afraid of. Ayla arrived early this morning ready to work…… so she grabbed Peanut and took him into the training pen. Peanut has no… Read more »

Productive Day

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Today Cinnamon and Spirit both got a good workout. It’s good that we currently have three riders giving exercise to those who are trained. The biggest YAY! was that through lots of bribes we were able to get a halter back on Sabih. He is a completely different horse with… Read more »