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Vet Visit

Dr. Myran visited us this morning to ensure everyone was current on their vaccinations and Coggins. He also checked out our new arrivals and gave us some good and so so news.

Cheyenne is doing so well that she is able to go back into rotation with light exercise.

Sebastian is cleared for same light exercise once his topline fills just a slight amount more.

Blue and Lady are as we all expected and just need some groceries. They have determined that Nick is their buddy and love the back pasture.

Dr. Myran suggests that Avery, Hiawasse, and Penny are all at least 20 years old and Moses is around 18. Penny’s leg wound and Hiawasse’s eyes will have to be watched for cancer growth as they are both prone. Moses is clear for exercise with proper padding and saddle fit, we just have to ensure he does not drain from his old withers injury.

All of our new residents need some additional groceries but otherwise seem to be in good health. Fly masks will be fun trying to keep on these guys since quite a few are having allergy / conjunctivitis reactions. Let the scavenger hunts begin!


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Peanut is BACK!

Peanut is back home with us now after being with a trainer. Through no fault of his own he still has not had a rider on his back. He has had all the ground training he could possibly ask for.

Peanut has always been somewhat spooky and has shown a preference to being a one person horse. He still gets very nervous when a group of people are around him.

He’s currently renewing old acquaintances with Cheyenne and Sabih and we’re sure will move to the fence to check out our new arrivals soon.

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I had to go to Charleston today for medical appointments. In between my appointments I was trying to coordinate the pickup of another horse and I thought everything was going well since we had the evening meal covered.

Oh how wrong I was! On my way home I got that phone call that no horse parent wants.

Peanut and Sabih were previously in the arena together for different reasons. They started a bromance that was cute most days. When the new pasture fencing was completed Peanut moved but Sabih did not. They have been calling to each other daily since then but no real misbehaviour out of either horse. Tonight Peanut was moved back into the barn paddock, saw Sabih, and lost his mind just a little to run away towards the fence that separated them. Sabih started running at the same time, jumped the fence – almost – so he could get to Peanut and they could groom each other. Apparently they really missed each other.  Our fence line was not so happy. It now needs around 50 feet repaired. Temporary repairs were made so that the paddock is secure, luckily it was a cross fence and not a perimeter fence. After all that bromance activity, Sabih would not follow Peanut into the paddock and I had to move him when I arrived.

The entire herd moved pastures to get ready for our upcoming arrival – currently a stallion – and Fancy had to let us know just how much she was displeased with her new digs. She decided to redecorate one of the shelters for us.

Everyone else is MOODY! I’m hoping it’s just that we’re close to the full moon and life will settle very soon.

No horses were harmed in the making of this narrative 🙂

Don’t forget that we’re currently in Round 3 of the #GWMarchMatchup! Help us continue to care for our current herd and save more lives by commenting #donate on any post. $1=1 point


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Ayla and Peanut

Peanut arrived in March, very much afraid of everything. He still is for the most part but we’re slowly desensitizing him with everything he shows he’s afraid of.

Ayla arrived early this morning ready to work…… so she grabbed Peanut and took him into the training pen.

Peanut has no clue how to lunge so that didn’t work out so well. Instead Ayla got her blanket out to see how he’d do. See the pictures below and judge for yourself.

This is a huge step forward for Peanut. He let her know that he was afraid still but was willing as long as she was gentle.

After the blanket Peanut got some amazing grooming time. He so rarely allows anyone to spend any length of time with him. All the snarls are out of his mane and we found a couple more sweet spots. He even backed to the fence to present his butt for scratching on both sides.

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Productive Day

Today Cinnamon and Spirit both got a good workout. It’s good that we currently have three riders giving exercise to those who are trained.

The biggest YAY! was that through lots of bribes we were able to get a halter back on Sabih. He is a completely different horse with that halter on him. He allowed quite a bit more cuddles after.


On the bad side, Peanut decided that he was scared of some random thing and reared. He backed up until he fell over. He paused a few minutes on the ground checking himself out before he got up limping. He’s in prison for the night so we can make sure he scared himself more than hurt.