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Thankful Today

As I sit here on the computer writing tax receipts for the past year I am so thankful to everyone who has donated in any way to our herd. Whether money is sent directly, supplies are provided, time is spent – it all goes to making this herd’s well being continue to be successful.

During 2017 we were able to help 53 equines and 37 humans – all on a very small budget!!!

If you would like to support our mission of helping equines in need, please consider a tax deductible donation today.

$9,695 of $32,000 raised
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Donation Total: $50


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2017 Auction

Our 2017 Auction to benefit military, first responders, and their family members (Community Outreach Program) will begin on 24 October.

We request local pickup on all items but shipping is available for smaller goods at cost. Description and auction link is on each picture.

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Golf or Bust

This is difficult for me to write, I’ve been working on it in my head for over 24 hours.

For months we have been soliciting sponsors, participants, and volunteers to hold the First Annual Golf Scramble to benefit our Community Outreach Program. Yesterday was the day we spent so much time and money to get to. Due to emergencies (natural and those at the rescue) we had to change the event date twice. We understand that life happens – we live it daily – and that other things may have taken precedence.

We were able to gain several sponsors for individual holes, gift prizes, meals, and auction items. Volunteers baked for several hours to have something sweet to provide. We showed up ready to have a wonderful day on an excellent day to play a round of golf.

NO PARTICIPANTS ARRIVED and we were obliged to end the event so the golf course could reopen to the public. I’m sad, a little angry, and a lot disappointed.

Over $1100 was spent in preparation for this event and we are obligated to return all sponsor funds and gifts. After returning sponsor funds our account balance is less than $200.

Hay season is now and will cost $200 per week, minimum. Our feed bill is $108 every six days. Medications, supplements, Coggins, farrier (x15 every 6 weeks), and emergencies are all required items that cost thousands every year. No individual is paid here at our rescue and we receive no federal, state, or county funding.

We do receive calls and messages daily from people who know of an equine in need. We pulled eight horses in five days from three different local counties agencies last month. Every equine on the property is given the best care and training we can provide so they have a chance to become someone’s perfect partner. We have opened our gates to people of all ages, disabilities, and experience levels (the bond benefits both horse and human). Since our gates have opened in August 2013 we have helped 172 equines into a better life through education, assistance in the field, rescue, and sanctuary. Over 90% of that 172 have been from within a 60-mile radius of our pasture.

Horses, ponies, donkeys, mules, and drafts are everywhere in our surrounding counties – they are not just the rich man’s toy, most are owned by lower to middle class income families. Look around the next time you’re driving through the county roads.

Second Chances is a 501(c)3 dedicated to helping as many equines as possible but we cannot continue without your support. We are the only nonprofit horse rescue on the GA coast, the next nearest facility is over an hour away to the west. What do we need to do to gain community support? We ARE open to suggestions. Every life is worth being saved or being helped along the Rainbow Bridge with dignity and compassion. Your help is needed so we can continue to help our equine community.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation towards our annual fund. Sponsor your favorite horse, burro, or mule for a specific item or a month. Contact us to see if any of our herd would be a perfect fit to add to your family, we have several available for adoption. Every penny in donations goes directly in or on one of our herd, overhead costs like power and facilities are provided by our Board of Directors. If you can provide your time and energy, help us by volunteering to coordinate events and fundraisers.

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Donation Total: $50

Thank you for taking the time to read the entire message.

Andrea Doolittle

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4 Year Anniversary

Second Chances was created because our founder fell in love with a picture of Spirit and made it her mission to save his life from the kill pen. Oh, the many lessons we have learned since that day in August 2013.

Today marks the four-year anniversary of officially opening our gates to the public. We have been pleased to assist ducks, cats, dogs, pigs, goats, and every type of equine. We do NOT have facilities for any animal that needs to be safe from the herd of equines however we will network with the local area to still assist.

Our mission is simple – save equine lives through education, assistance in the field, rescue, rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming or sanctuary. We also want to help as many humans as possible through the power of horse.

This morning we were called to pick up an at large mini stallion in the local community. He was our 155th we could assist into a better situation. Over 90% of the equines we pick up are within a 60-mile radius of our pastures. Did you know there were so many horses, mules, donkeys, minis, and drafts in our area? Most people assume that they aren’t close by or that horse abuse, abandonment, and neglect aren’t an issue. Unfortunately, it is not a true assumption.

We run almost exclusively on donations from the public. Although we apply for grants regularly, the competition for equine grants are stiff and we have only received a few. No individual is paid beyond our Veterinarian and Farrier for their professional services. We are all volunteers because we love what we do.

There are currently 23 burros, ponies, and horses on our property. Each one has their own distinct needs which could make their monthly caretaking cost differ dramatically. We receive communications daily asking for assistance. We need your support so we are able to continue providing services to our local communities.

Our estimated annual cost is currently at $32,000. Last year we raised less than $10,000 – and we thank every person and business that contributed towards saving lives. Three are many ways you can contribute.

  • Click on the donate button on our website or Facebook page
  • Call or visit Trade Mart in Jesup and buy a bag of Mid-South Ener-G-Plus for when we pick up the next time.
  • Call or message us to find out what our current needs are for supplies (medications, wound care, fly preventative, etc.)
  • Send a check, money order, or cash
  • Visit us and bring any of the above (the herd loves treats!)

We plan to be a service to the community for many years to come but your help is required.

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August Work Weekend

This weekend we took on a major chore to find our fence line and start taking it back from the weeds that have grown. Although it’s still not finished (workers welcome to come help!!!!) a huge dent was put in the job.

Saturday we had a group of the Appling 4-H Stampede and a few of our regular volunteers out to start the task. We had people every which direction!!!!! and most of the weeds and all of the trees growing on the main pasture fence were pulled, cut, or walked down so we could get to the fence. One of the girls is a burros whisperer, we need to borrow her for a few weeks… After lunch we had a class on the different types of saddles, bridles, and bits. These kids are wonderful learners and hard workers! We had a few rainy times and then had to break before we were really ready to go pick up the three new mares last night.

Today started with a little riding and grooming before the fence crew arrived to work more. The guys got nearly 3/4 around the inside and outside of the main fence with the mower and weed eaters before we had to stop due to malfunctioning equipment. Winslow got a small workout in the round pen and more of the horses got some love.

We try to have learning, working, and fun all rolled into one. This weekend was one of those times that we succeeded even though there’s more to do of the project. THANK YOU to everyone who came out this weekend to help with any part. We can’t continue without your support.

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Enclosed Round Pen

Over the weekend we completed a project with most of the work being done by Triple M – Mike, Melayna, and Malorie for supervision. Thank you to everyone who had any hands on this project that allowed it to happen so quickly.

We had a large 60ft round pen with corral panels but sometimes it’s just too large to gain trust, and it still allows the horse inside to get distracted by the others since they can still see out.

Today we have a 30ft enclosed round pen with 6ft walls. This will allow us some close up work with a horse without all the distractions.

We’re excited about the completion of this project since it’s been on our to-do list for quite some time. All the materials minus the new nails were recycled from previous uses.

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Combined Federal Campaign Approved Charity

We are excited to announce that The U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) has approved Second Chances Equine Rescue’s participation in the 2017 Combined Federal Campaign (CFC).

From the CFC website

Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th) support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world. 

If you are a Federal employee be on the lookout for us when you are approached by your organization.

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Mario Kart 8 Tournament

The Chromatic Dragon in Savannah is hosting a MarioKart 8 Tournament to benefit Second Chances!

Sign up for the future mailings while you’re there! We only send quarterly news and hot items. Your email address is always secure and will never be used in any other way.

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Fencing is Complete!

This post is slightly late because we’ve been very busy with the pickup last week and the cold weather snap.

Since the day after Hurricane Matthew blew through we have been working towards clearing out land and installing fencing for our 31 Dec deadline to meet our grant requirements.

Normally installing fence is straight forward and we would only need to purchase the supplies and go to work. This fence line had to be found… There was 40+ year old barbed wire, farm fence, and a lot of brush to clear out prior to even beginning the new fence.

Once we were able to start installing the new fence we moved fairly quick. There is no way to express our gratitude to all the many people who came out to help us with our huge project!

Our fence was completed and certified for the grant on 15 Dec and payment was delivered on 20 Dec. This is a huge weight off our minds and now we can focus on cleaning up the area inside the new fence line.