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He Needs a Name!

On Sunday we had a long day getting this handsome boy. He is an 8 year old Thoroughbred, with no tattoo, around 16.2 h, with a small attitude problem. He was becoming a danger to himself and his herd mates.

This handsome boy needs a name! Suggest his name by donating in $1 increments to PayPal. The name with the most donations will win.

He has had some type of trauma in the past with loading into a trailer because he just did not want to load. He did not misbehave but just was not going. Once he did load he rode beautifully except on the Interstate when the rigs would pass by.

Yesterday we had the Farrier out to trim half the herd and included him. She knows him from previous clients so they were able to relate. We also checked him out more thoroughly and took some additional intake pictures. On Sunday we noticed some swelling in his right front leg and found a small puncture wound that has some infection.

We are still gathering his history, more difficult without the tattoo, but he has worked in the past as a jumper and originally came from Ocala, FL. He can easily complete 2’6″ and will jump 3′. He’s going to require frequent exercise once his leg is healed to help keep his energy levels constant.