Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc - a second chance at life for the horses and people we serve.

Volunteer Openings

Second Chances Volunteer Program
is open to everyone, young and not so young, experienced and not so experienced.

Second Chances Equine Rescue needs volunteers! If you can assist us with any of the below areas, please fill out the Volunteer Application today.

  • Horse Care/Training
    • Ground Handling
    • Ground handling consists of spending quality time with each equine. Our herd is all rescues and arrive with trust issues. It takes time to teach them that it's ok to trust again. Requires walking and standing.

    • Feeding
    • Meals are provided throughout the day depending on each horse's specific needs. Animals that have previously gone without food at regular intervals frequently have food aggression. Requires the ability to follow written instructions, use of a kitchen weight scale, and walking.

    • Grooming
    • Brushing out coats, manes, and tails; pick hooves; and bathe when needed. Requires walking, reaching, and bending.

    • Ground Training
    • When each equine is at their appropriate weight they must learn or relearn the basics. Becoming a fabulous partner starts on the ground. Requires mobility and previous experience.

    • Riding/Driving
    • Once each equine has the appropriate ground training they will be evaluated for riding or driving knowledge. Most will require a refresher if not starting from the beginning. Requires previous experience.

  • Administrative Assistance Tasks
  • Second Chances does not currently have an office space onsite. All Volunteers in this area will require a personal computer with internet access. Stationary products will be provided.

    • Grant Researcher/Writer
    • We are eligible to apply for grants through various outlets, most are highly competitive. We need a motivated researcher to determine which grants to apply for and an experienced writer to assist with proposals. Does not require mobility. Previous experience is a plus.

    • Horse Care Records
    • Each horse has specific feed, supplements, and medical care that must be documented. Does not require mobility. Requires organization skills.

    • Marketing
    • Individuals in non-profit marketing should understand how to promote a non-profit organization in such a way that encourages individuals to give and participate. Marketers should be trained in communication, fundraising, and sales of an organization's mission. Non-profit marketers should understand all aspects of marketing, including the use of information technology in marketing endeavors. Significant communications experience with media relations is preferred.

    • Fundraising/Special Events
    • We are dependent on donations to continue operations. Fundraising and special events help us with exposure in the local communities. Requires partial mobility. Previous experience is a plus.

  • Maintenance
    • Grounds Maintenance
    • We have a small barn with three stalls and a tack/feed room, 28 acres of fenced pasture, and water troughs that require constant upkeep. Requires mobility, experience with outdoor repairs.

    • Construction
    • Second Chances has projects to complete! As we obtain funding we require experienced individuals to help us realize our construction goals.

    • Equipment Maintenance
    • If you have experience working with diesel tractors, hydraulics, or small engines please contact us today!

  • Board Member Positions
  • Each board member serves for two years with the possibility for reelection. All board members are volunteers. If you have extensive equine knowledge or previous nonprofit experience and are willing to commit the required time please contact us for the position description.