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Repairs and Visitors

Today we had a lot of help from a great friend.

Brian arrived to assist with the fence repairs that Sabih and Peanut tore down. It was only around 60 feet but we had to remove wood posts, replace them, stretch and reattach fence. All accomplished in less than one hour. We then moved over to the other pasture where we had a gate malfunction and replaced a hinge. Then, just because he loves his hands in a garden, Brian helped to reposition some wild onions and garlic.

Judith and Max (German Shepherd) arrived to spend some quality time with Sebastian. He loves when she comes because he gets so spoiled. Sebastian got most of his winter coat removed and got a bath. Did we mention lots of treats? Max wanted to play with Val and Athos so badly but they really aren’t canine friendly.

We had a storm or four but had enough time in between to ensure everything was accomplished. Great day overall.