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Saying goodbye

The past few days have been rather horrible for us as we had to say goodbye to Roamy.

He was perfectly healthy two nights ago before he choked at the evening meal. Because our Vet was out of town we had to take him to another to get him tubed. Everything that could go wrong did and we brought him back home still partially obstructed. Our Vet drove 5 hours to clear the obstruction in the wee hours.

Yesterday Roamy refused all food and water, his temp and respirations were elevated, and he was again behaving as though he was choking. With an ultrasound our Vet came to the conclusion that his left lung had collapsed and he was smelling particularly foul so lots of necrosis already.

We said goodbye at 2320 hrs on 16 March 2016.

Rainbow Bridge

Because we wanted to know why our Vet performed an autopsy. His lung had definitely collapsed and was so far gone that it was falling apart.

Today we buried our Roamy, the first since we opened our gate, in a pretty clearing where he will soon grace us as a beautiful Dogwood tree.

Hug your four legged babies as much as you can. Roamy was such a kind old soul and will be greatly missed. He never misbehaved and was our go to guy for introducing our teen volunteers to horse care and riding.