Second Chances Equine Rescue Inc - a second chance at life for the horses and people we serve.


Some of the services we provide


Education is provided by offering general information regarding equine care and maintenance. Referral services to local Veterinarians, Farriers, Chiropractors, and trainers are shared as needed. SCER-GA offers in-depth equine health informational handouts from the University of Florida's Large Animal Hospital College of Veterinary Medicine. Our directed focus is educating horse owners about the importance of gelding to help control unwanted and overbreeding.


SCER-GA aids physically and monetarily. Within our area of operation, SCER-GA offers care/maintenance assistance to horse owners who may have fallen ill or are unable to care for their horses due to injury or surgery. Funding assistance is provided in a myriad of ways such as assisting an owner in need with short term feed/hay purchases.


Our main focus is to provide rescue, rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming of neglected, abused, abandoned, surrendered, or seized equines. Equines are housed on site or at a volunteer foster home pending adoption. During this time, they are provided with the necessary veterinary care and training. Unfortunately, all equines do not meet the physical or behavioral requirements to be available for adoption and are provided sanctuary to ensure appropriate care for the remainder of their lives.


SCER-GA provides educational sessions to groups such as Boy/Girl Scouts, Future Farmers of America, 4-H, Youth and Adult Church classes, and Military units to familiarize with horses and their care and our operations. Service projects/days are welcome.

SCER-GA is not directly affiliated with any group.

Equine Assisted Work

SCER-GA is open to any military Veteran or First Responder for zero cost equine assisted work. Our outlook is slightly different from the norm; we offer a ground based, trust building experience. We hope that our Veterans or First Responders and our rescues can help to heal each other.

Community Service

SCER-GA welcomes those who are non-violent to complete their Community Service hours. We do not have any light duty work requirements.