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Trail Ride

We did a test ride today out at Middleton Lake.

From Ludowici on Hwy 57 you will turn right on Lennie Mae Rd. If you’ve gotten to Tibet Baptist Church on the left or Low Country Paintball on the right, you’ve gone too far.

From Townsend towards Ludowici, you’ll go just past Tibet Baptist Church and look for the next left.

Off Hwy 57, about 1/4 mile from Tibet Baptist Church
Off Hwy 57, about 1/4 mile from Tibet Baptist Church

The landing point is still a couple of miles in on the dirt roads. We’ll have signs up on the highway and going to the landing.

The path we’re taking can be modified if you desire but it’s a nice ride that is mostly protected by trees even though it’s on the service roads. We haven’t gauged it yet but it’s approximately 6.5 miles. Excuse the horrible art in the picture below.

Path to take
Path to take

We’re bringing water bottles for the humans and hope to be setting up a water trough for the horses (bring a copy of the negative Coggins for each horse please!!!!!). The high temp is supposed to be around 84.

See you all on Saturday, 1 Oct! We will ride out promptly at 9 am.

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Busy Day!

We’ve had a busy day today!

We started with the farrier for half the herd – everyone is improving in this half.
Then Dr. Myran from Countryside Equine Medicine and Dentistry came out to visit Avery, Blue, Nick, and Penny.
Everyone jump for joy with us when we announce that Avery and Penny are NOT bred! They just have humongous grass bellies.
We are exploring suggested options for Nick to have front shoes to relieve some of his discomfort. This should be entertaining with him.
And last but not least Blue got a check up because he is just not gaining weight like we expect AND he managed to stab himself with something in the pasture. Yes we checked and could not find anything he could have done it with. Apparently it ran away as soon as it stabbed him. He’s already swelling and trying to get infected (we found it yesterday) so Blue gets some antibiotics to go with his topical treatment and cold hosing. Blue also had most all his teeth done today. We can definitely understand why it’s been taking so long for him to eat. Recheck in three weeks if not before. Blue will require additional dental work in a few months as Dr. Myran felt it was not prudent to take it all at one time.
As soon as Dr. Myran left we loaded up the trailer on what was hoped to be a pickup. Unfortunately we had to see Dr. Myran again at that location so we could help the horse cross the Rainbow Bridge. :'(
As always, THANK YOU Dr. Myran for being a great Veterinarian and helping us meet our mission goals!
We rushed back for feeding and to make it to Tractor Supply’s Friends and Family Event before closing tonight. We now have all of the fence and most of our fence posts for our upcoming installation. Now we need gates, galvanised pins, and poly tape electric fence insulators – and lots of assistance!
We ran inside after the rain started pouring 🙁 Tired fully explains our day.
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Cinnamon has been Adopted!

It took us nearly three years to agree that Cinnamon was ready to go to a forever home because she was not treated well before her arrival. When we did decide to place her as available we knew that she needed more individual time and attention than what she was getting with us.

Cinnamon has been adopted by a military retiree who needs her as much as she needs him. She immediately dropped her head to him and nuzzled for a long while. Cinnamon does not bow to anything. She will get the time and care she so deserves and hopefully will help to heal her new person.

We will miss Cinnamon – Shady is quite upset with us – but know that she will be in good hands.

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Cheyenne’s Battle

We have been medicating the abscess in Cheyenne’s eye for the past month with no real change. Dr. Myran came back out to assess whether the medication was helping at all or we were to take the next step of either removing the eye or consulting with an Ophthalmologist.

Tonight we lost the battle for her eye but she already feels so much better. The abscess ruptured leaving no choice but to remove it. We KNOW Cheyenne is a fighter so we feel sure that she will adjust to her changed outlook in no time at all.

After surgical removal

The total cost for all treatment was $440.00 and a YouCaring fundraiser has been created. Or our PayPal email address is, please use the Friends and Family option so that we do not have to pay additional fees. We also welcome cash or checks to us at 7663 Hwy 196 W Hinesville, GA 31313. Please help us cover this cost. If 100 people were able to support with just $5, it would be covered and we could apply those funds towards feed and care of the entire herd.

We are posting the graphic video on YouTube – if you are squeamish please do not watch.

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Farrier training 101

Half the herd was trimmed today, the difficult half. Very frequently our new arrivals have been through experiences that do not make standing for a farrier fun or they simply haven’t had the proper training. Once again Kasie proves why she’s our excellent choice to keep our herd on the proper footing.

Niache started us out because she loves her Kasie! She ground ties beautifully. Shady and Cinnamon came next to get that pasture completed. No issues found with these three. We missed the picture of Cinnamon.

Next came Penny because we knew she would be difficult but easier than her brother. She only required a little work before she was ready to stand with the lead in a back pocket for all four feet.


Lady and Blue were up next with a check in for Nick.

Lady is definitely thrush free! Apparently her new location is a plus. She is a lot shorter in the toes and was daintily walking back to her pasture.

Blue had a small bit of thrush in one hoof but stood great. Considering that he didn’t want to be touched at all upon arrival we think he has finally realized he is safe.


Nick has an ugly absess he’s working through and did not get trimmed.

Last but definitely not least Hiawasse was up. He wanted to dance instead of trim his hooves. Finally after some discussion he learned that Kasie wasn’t going to hurt him either and cooperated.

We do work with the horses on picking up their feet but it’s not nearly the same as having all of the equipment and an extra person about. We’re happy to have found a partner who is willing to help us make the horses better citizens while taking good care of their feet.

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Security Lights!

For the past few weeks we have been working with one of our local companies to secure outside lighting for the field. Today our work was a success. Mostly.

We are now the proud owners of ten 40 ft. light poles and ten security lights that can either be dusk to dawn or on a switch for more control.

We do not have a plan for placement or the required electrical wiring. Do you have the knowledge to assist us with the placement planning or ability to donate required electrical wiring?


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Vet Visit

Dr. Myran visited us this morning to ensure everyone was current on their vaccinations and Coggins. He also checked out our new arrivals and gave us some good and so so news.

Cheyenne is doing so well that she is able to go back into rotation with light exercise.

Sebastian is cleared for same light exercise once his topline fills just a slight amount more.

Blue and Lady are as we all expected and just need some groceries. They have determined that Nick is their buddy and love the back pasture.

Dr. Myran suggests that Avery, Hiawasse, and Penny are all at least 20 years old and Moses is around 18. Penny’s leg wound and Hiawasse’s eyes will have to be watched for cancer growth as they are both prone. Moses is clear for exercise with proper padding and saddle fit, we just have to ensure he does not drain from his old withers injury.

All of our new residents need some additional groceries but otherwise seem to be in good health. Fly masks will be fun trying to keep on these guys since quite a few are having allergy / conjunctivitis reactions. Let the scavenger hunts begin!


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Peanut is BACK!

Peanut is back home with us now after being with a trainer. Through no fault of his own he still has not had a rider on his back. He has had all the ground training he could possibly ask for.

Peanut has always been somewhat spooky and has shown a preference to being a one person horse. He still gets very nervous when a group of people are around him.

He’s currently renewing old acquaintances with Cheyenne and Sabih and we’re sure will move to the fence to check out our new arrivals soon.

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Blue Falcon N

Blue Falcon N was sent to New Holland auction where he did not sell, then was sent through Cranbury Sale Stable where Standardbred Retirement Foundation bailed him and sent him to quarantine. Again, details are not widely available when they come out of the auctions.

Blue is spunky and is NOT ready for retirement! He has let us know that he does not like confinement and will defend his right to freedom.  Blue is a big boy and has no clue he is 20 years old nor that he has arthritis and thrush. He is currently our largest resident and will need some down time. He has already shown an affinity for Cheyenne and Sabih so hopefully he will also get a long with Peanut so he can be pastured with the three of them.

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Noreaster Lady

Noreaster Lady is a 2003 Standardbred mare with 9AB39 freeze brand. She was sent to Moore’s auction where she was bailed by the Standardbred Retirement Foundation and placed in quarantine. Unfortunately there isn’t a lot of history when they arrive via auction.

Lady has a home with an approved adopter in Savannah as soon as she is cleared to go. She is 15.3h and has scarring from pin firing in the past. Lady currently has thrush in at least two of her feet and needs a few more pounds.

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Blue and Lady have arrived

Blue Falcon has been on our inbound list for the past month while he’s been in quarantine. Noreaster Lady was a recent addition to the shipping list and will be moving to her adopted home as soon as we clear her.

Because we also had a large storm posting has been delayed and we weren’t able to do a proper intake yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to take care of that in the morning.

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