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4 Year Anniversary

Second Chances was created because our founder fell in love with a picture of Spirit and made it her mission to save his life from the kill pen. Oh, the many lessons we have learned since that day in August 2013.

Today marks the four-year anniversary of officially opening our gates to the public. We have been pleased to assist ducks, cats, dogs, pigs, goats, and every type of equine. We do NOT have facilities for any animal that needs to be safe from the herd of equines however we will network with the local area to still assist.

Our mission is simple – save equine lives through education, assistance in the field, rescue, rehabilitation, retraining, and rehoming or sanctuary. We also want to help as many humans as possible through the power of horse.

This morning we were called to pick up an at large mini stallion in the local community. He was our 155th we could assist into a better situation. Over 90% of the equines we pick up are within a 60-mile radius of our pastures. Did you know there were so many horses, mules, donkeys, minis, and drafts in our area? Most people assume that they aren’t close by or that horse abuse, abandonment, and neglect aren’t an issue. Unfortunately, it is not a true assumption.

We run almost exclusively on donations from the public. Although we apply for grants regularly, the competition for equine grants are stiff and we have only received a few. No individual is paid beyond our Veterinarian and Farrier for their professional services. We are all volunteers because we love what we do.

There are currently 23 burros, ponies, and horses on our property. Each one has their own distinct needs which could make their monthly caretaking cost differ dramatically. We receive communications daily asking for assistance. We need your support so we are able to continue providing services to our local communities.

Our estimated annual cost is currently at $32,000. Last year we raised less than $10,000 – and we thank every person and business that contributed towards saving lives. Three are many ways you can contribute.

  • Click on the donate button on our website or Facebook page
  • Call or visit Trade Mart in Jesup and buy a bag of Mid-South Ener-G-Plus for when we pick up the next time.
  • Call or message us to find out what our current needs are for supplies (medications, wound care, fly preventative, etc.)
  • Send a check, money order, or cash
  • Visit us and bring any of the above (the herd loves treats!)

We plan to be a service to the community for many years to come but your help is required.