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Blue Falcon N

Blue Falcon N was sent to New Holland auction where he did not sell, then was sent through Cranbury Sale Stable where Standardbred Retirement Foundation bailed him and sent him to quarantine. Again, details are not widely available when they come out of the auctions.

Blue is spunky and is NOT ready for retirement! He has let us know that he does not like confinement and will defend his right to freedom.  Blue is a big boy and has no clue he is 20 years old nor that he has arthritis and thrush. He is currently our largest resident and will need some down time. He has already shown an affinity for Cheyenne and Sabih so hopefully he will also get a long with Peanut so he can be pastured with the three of them.

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Blue Falcon

Blue Falcon started his life in 1996 in New Zealand. He is a Standardbred gelding who is currently in quarantine from being sold (again) at auction. Luckily a great group was able to bail him before his deadline was met and shipped to slaughter.

Blue Falcon raced several times in Australia but never really made the winnings. It is unknown why he was then shipped to the US to try again. Do our tracks have better something?  In any case he only raced once in the US and we assume was either put out to pasture or sold at auction to the Amish.

On 9 May he was in an auction where no one purchased him and was then ran through another auction on 11 May where no one stepped forward. He was bailed from the 10 lot on 14 May.

Blue Falcon arrived to quarantine shod, lame, and severely malnourished. After removing his shoes, he has thrush in all four feet. He’s had his first trim and seems to be doing better every day. Fear of the unknown is a huge event in these horses lives.

Blue Falcon will be arriving in the coming weeks and will need more downtime and care to hopefully get him back to a healthy boy. We’re hoping that he will still be able to drive but time will tell. Keep Blue in your thoughts! As we get closer and have an actual date we will update everyone.