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Repairs and Visitors

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Today we had a lot of help from a great friend. Brian arrived to assist with the fence repairs that Sabih and Peanut tore down. It was only around 60 feet but we had to remove wood posts, replace them, stretch and reattach fence. All accomplished in less than one… Read more »

Fencing Round 70….

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Yesterday Brain, Terry, and Chris came out. It was a great day. We had planned to only replace around 186 ft. of fence yesterday. Since the horses are inside the fence and have been separated by whichever small herd fits them best, removing a fence line is always questionable. We… Read more »

Such a busy day!

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Today was a very busy day at the rescue! First and foremost THANK YOU VERY MUCH to Ayla, Brian, Jill, and Chris for coming out and helping with all the various chores that were accomplished today! We started the day removing fence that had been damaged, this is a job… Read more »

Our Black Friday

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Yesterday was good. Instead of lining up to buy things we really didn’t need, three people got together to make a difference to our space. It took a little under five hours to remove old fence and posts, place new posts, and run 300 ft of fence and a walk… Read more »