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Repairs and Visitors

Today we had a lot of help from a great friend.

Brian arrived to assist with the fence repairs that Sabih and Peanut tore down. It was only around 60 feet but we had to remove wood posts, replace them, stretch and reattach fence. All accomplished in less than one hour. We then moved over to the other pasture where we had a gate malfunction and replaced a hinge. Then, just because he loves his hands in a garden, Brian helped to reposition some wild onions and garlic.

Judith and Max (German Shepherd) arrived to spend some quality time with Sebastian. He loves when she comes because he gets so spoiled. Sebastian got most of his winter coat removed and got a bath. Did we mention lots of treats? Max wanted to play with Val and Athos so badly but they really aren’t canine friendly.

We had a storm or four but had enough time in between to ensure everything was accomplished. Great day overall.

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Fencing Round 70….

Yesterday Brain, Terry, and Chris came out. It was a great day.

We had planned to only replace around 186 ft. of fence yesterday. Since the horses are inside the fence and have been separated by whichever small herd fits them best, removing a fence line is always questionable. We took down the fence that was horribly broken (Shady had a small war with Peanut when Peanut and Pepper arrived) – the horses are happy so they weren’t trying to escape. The burros realized it was down immediately and moved into the larger space. It took forever for the horses to realize they could go back into their pasture. Everyone was playing so nicely that we were able to focus on the fence replacement and not have to worry about tempers. We finished the first section at 1145 so we decided to continue on.


Instead we were able to get 336 ft. completed. The second section was a little trickier even though it was less feet. We had to run this section in between the two water troughs (fun all by itself) and replace tension wire that was broken. We got finished with the second section around 4 pm, just in time for night feeding.


Now there’s only 294 ft. remaining to finish before the end of the year. We’re planning another fencing day this Saturday if anyone is able to assist. We have a pretty good system going to make it go faster.

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Such a busy day!

Today was a very busy day at the rescue!

First and foremost


to Ayla, Brian, Jill, and Chris for coming out and helping with all the various chores that were accomplished today!

We started the day removing fence that had been damaged, this is a job all by itself.

Then we were all needed to round up Daisy, she didn’t want to be caught today. (More details in a separate post)

Then Brian went back to fencing while Jill was exercising Cinnamon, Shady, and Baydom.

Of course Fancy had to get in on all the excitement and first figured out how to open a ‘horse proof’ gate. Then she got her head stuck between the gate and the post.

Cinnamon does NOT behave like she is in pain. She does however behave like she has an old hip injury. She crosses her rear left leg in front of her right. So… further examination and hopefully explanations to come.

Shady just was not accepting a bit today. After further review he is due for a dental. He was then ridden with his halter and lead ropes so he could still get a decent workout. Shady is so very responsive when he’s not misbehaving.

Baydom DOES know how to trot! He requires a lot of prep and redirection but he wants to please his rider, he really wants to run too.

South Eastern Equine Rescue in Hahira, GA came by to pick up Ms. Leiva. This was bittersweet. Leiva is such a great big baby! She will definitely be missed but we are very happy her road to recovery with her feet will begin on Monday. Sabih is already missing his buddy.

Ayla and Chris grabbed Niache and worked on some trust building. Niache is a complete gem once she gets that lead rope on her. She knows it’s time to work and her war with people and horse takes a pause. Ayla rode Niache bareback and actually got a trot out of Mrs. STUBBORN.

The front fence near the entry gate was completely removed. An additional walk through gate and wood posts were installed. By the time renovations are done all the T-posts will be replaced with wood posts. We only have around 400 remaining.

We wanted to move Sebastian in with Sabih but he still doesn’t appreciate Gibbs the goat. Instead Cheyenne is hanging out with him to see if they will click ok. Did we mention Sabih is missing Leiva?

Sir John had a really good day and enjoyed his cuddles from our visitors. We found out some of the history on Sugar from one of her original owners. 

Do you remember we said a busy day? Early bedtime after a good muscle soak for the humans tonight!

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Our Black Friday

Yesterday was good.

Instead of lining up to buy things we really didn’t need, three people got together to make a difference to our space. It took a little under five hours to remove old fence and posts, place new posts, and run 300 ft of fence and a walk through gate. This is one fourth of the replacement that needs to happen. Plans for another section are being made now.

cross fencing20151127_152517

After cleanup we got some wonderful cuddles from Leiva.

Leiva selfie