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Fencing is Complete!

This post is slightly late because we’ve been very busy with the pickup last week and the cold weather snap.

Since the day after Hurricane Matthew blew through we have been working towards clearing out land and installing fencing for our 31 Dec deadline to meet our grant requirements.

Normally installing fence is straight forward and we would only need to purchase the supplies and go to work. This fence line had to be found… There was 40+ year old barbed wire, farm fence, and a lot of brush to clear out prior to even beginning the new fence.

Once we were able to start installing the new fence we moved fairly quick. There is no way to express our gratitude to all the many people who came out to help us with our huge project!

Our fence was completed and certified for the grant on 15 Dec and payment was delivered on 20 Dec. This is a huge weight off our minds and now we can focus on cleaning up the area inside the new fence line.

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Fence Building – Almost

We have a grant, and deadline of 31 Dec, to replace old fence around the hay barn and exclude the pond. The biggest problem was finding one section of fencing so we could remove it. It was severely overgrown.

Yesterday we had a few volunteers come out to tackle that section. There were trees, vines, bushes, and fence buried 6 inched in the ground. Old barbed wire and new vines with thorns surrounded a large part of it.


We not only found the old fence, we removed most of what would prevent installing the new one. Bon-fire anyone?

While we were clearing the land, one of the guys started repairing the tin roof on the hay barn. Something that’s needed done for a while and made worse by Hurricane Matthew. Now we have a secure roof.

Thank you to Alton, Damien, Dominique, Kevin, Lee, Sam, and Stephanie for being outstanding and giving us part (or all) of your Monday.