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August Work Weekend

This weekend we took on a major chore to find our fence line and start taking it back from the weeds that have grown. Although it’s still not finished (workers welcome to come help!!!!) a huge dent was put in the job.

Saturday we had a group of the Appling 4-H Stampede and a few of our regular volunteers out to start the task. We had people every which direction!!!!! and most of the weeds and all of the trees growing on the main pasture fence were pulled, cut, or walked down so we could get to the fence. One of the girls is a burros whisperer, we need to borrow her for a few weeks… After lunch we had a class on the different types of saddles, bridles, and bits. These kids are wonderful learners and hard workers! We had a few rainy times and then had to break before we were really ready to go pick up the three new mares last night.

Today started with a little riding and grooming before the fence crew arrived to work more. The guys got nearly 3/4 around the inside and outside of the main fence with the mower and weed eaters before we had to stop due to malfunctioning equipment. Winslow got a small workout in the round pen and more of the horses got some love.

We try to have learning, working, and fun all rolled into one. This weekend was one of those times that we succeeded even though there’s more to do of the project. THANK YOU to everyone who came out this weekend to help with any part. We can’t continue without your support.