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Farrier today

This post is actually about two things.

  1. We love our farrier (horses and human)
  2. Moses is going to be fabulous!

We get horses in every condition that you can imagine. Sometimes their mental state or training level is as bad as their physical health. Kasie has been our Farrier almost from day one. None of our horses has been too much of a challenge for her yet, and those we feel may be actually turn out to be the best when she’s finished with them.

Moses has not allowed anyone to trim his feet in some time. He’s had damage to his withers and has had a lack of handling. Moses still didn’t want to allow any work today at first. Kasie had a chat with him then he decided he would stand just fine.

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Moses has arrived!

Moses came to us through an individual that completed most of his rehabilitation over the Winter. He still needs a little weight and some training on picking up his feet. He’s a little skittish of people but in your pocket once he realizes you’re ok. He will need some refresher training and the remaining weight and will be available to a home.

Moses is 14.2h and currently ~878 lbs. He has dark bay spots that turn reddish during the Winter. He’s truly a gorgeous boy who deserves a home where he can be loved.

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