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Purina Pet Days at Tractor Supply

Yesterday we attended the Purina Pet Days event at the Hinesville Tractor Supply. Cheyenne and Sebastian attended with us. Sebastian did not want to leave his field and all his friends in the morning.

We were able to meet a lot of new people and explain who we are and why rescue is needed in the community. There were a lot of children who wanted to give the horses some love and may have been the first time they’ve been that close. We hope that some of the new people we met will join us as volunteers or potential homes for one of our herd. When it got warm we took the horses out individually to get a shower (neither liked being separated and showed their displeasure).

Amanda Murphy Photography was out at the farm last week and took some beautiful pictures of the herd. She used the picture she took of Shady and created a fabulous 8×10 watercolor canvas for us to raffle over the past 24 hours.

8x10 watercolor canvas
8×10 watercolor canvas

The winner of the raffle is a great little boy named Colton Langan. He and his family just moved here from a large city and Colton has taken to the ‘country’ lifestyle very well. He was decked out in his boots and cowboy hat yesterday when we met. Congratulations Colton! We’ll be calling you shortly to arrange delivery of your picture.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the raffle, we appreciate your support! Pictures from yesterday will be coming soon, keep a look out.

As always, spread the word that we are in need of volunteers for every part of the caretaking process and we have horses available for adoption.