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Sebastian’s Dental Surgery

Sebastian has a condition called EOTRH,  Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis Syndrome, which required all his remaining front teeth to be extracted today.

Although it looks as though we were using a torture chamber, Sebastian was as comfortable as he could be during his procedure. He only really fussed at us once after what seemed to be the most difficult tooth to remove. As always, Dr. Myran was patient with us asking a lot of questions so we could learn while he was working – and for allowing the pictures. 

Sebastian went to grazing almost immediately and definitely appreciated his soaked hay. After about three hours out of sedation he decided he really needed a quick run around the pasture.

Tonight at dinner he dove right in – he gets soaked pellets anyway – and let us know that he’s not sweating this stuff we’re all so worried about. He’s already much happier, except that he can’t go back in his pasture with his buddies just yet.

Between Friday’s surgery with Penny and today’s surgery with Sebastian, we had a Veterinary bill of $677 that was unplanned. Please consider a tax deductible donation towards this cost so that our hay funds remain secure. Our PayPal is the easiest way and doesn’t charge any fees if the Friends and Family option is used, comment Sebastian or Hay. We always accept check, money order, cash, and in kind donations.

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Cheyenne’s Battle

We have been medicating the abscess in Cheyenne’s eye for the past month with no real change. Dr. Myran came back out to assess whether the medication was helping at all or we were to take the next step of either removing the eye or consulting with an Ophthalmologist.

Tonight we lost the battle for her eye but she already feels so much better. The abscess ruptured leaving no choice but to remove it. We KNOW Cheyenne is a fighter so we feel sure that she will adjust to her changed outlook in no time at all.

After surgical removal

The total cost for all treatment was $440.00 and a YouCaring fundraiser has been created. Or our PayPal email address is, please use the Friends and Family option so that we do not have to pay additional fees. We also welcome cash or checks to us at 7663 Hwy 196 W Hinesville, GA 31313. Please help us cover this cost. If 100 people were able to support with just $5, it would be covered and we could apply those funds towards feed and care of the entire herd.

We are posting the graphic video on YouTube – if you are squeamish please do not watch.