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Fencing is Complete!

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This post is slightly late because we’ve been very busy with the pickup last week and the cold weather snap. Since the day after Hurricane Matthew blew through we have been working towards clearing out land and installing fencing for our 31 Dec deadline to meet our grant requirements. Normally… Read more »

At Capacity

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Ladies and Gentlemen we need your help! Over the past three months we have sadly lost two horses and very happily approved adoptions of three from our herd. In the past few weeks we have accepted seven that we do not yet know whether will be sanctuary or adoptable, either… Read more »

Cross Fencing is Complete!

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It was cold Saturday morning but five people still gathered to replace the remaining cross fencing in the pasture. A huge THANK YOU to Brian, Kyle, and Terry for all your help! Five hours, five people, 300 ft. of fence. Horses and burros enjoyed their small day of freedom. Half… Read more »