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Mist, Moon, and Sissy

Saturday we were called in by Bryan County Sheriff’s Department to pick up three mares that were at large in their community. Although they were roaming the owner was known and surrendered the horses to the County.

Dr. Myran saw them today for vaccinations, Coggins, and checking on a few things. There is good and bad news.

Moon is a 2016 Appaloosa filly – we do not know exactly when she was born but she is stunted in her growth. Aging her places her right at a yearling, we met her in October AFTER she had already been weaned. Moon is sitting at a 3.5 to 4 where 5 is a healthy weight.

Sissy is a 2008 Quarter Horse mare that got into something her skin did not like, most likely bugs. She has hives all over her head and shoulders. Sissy is the healthiest of the three at 4.5 out of 5.

Mist is a 2002 Appaloosa mare that is at a 3 out of 5. She came to us with small bits of Squamous Cell Carcinoma in her left eye and will require surgery of the third eyelid before the spots become too large and her entire eye becomes effected. She will require additional sun care.

Our first months estimated cost for these girls will be $965.00.

  • Vaccinations, Coggins, checkup $126.90
  • Mist Surgery $75.00
  • Sissy allergy medication $35.00
  • Farrier x3 $120.00
  • Feed and Hay $571.50
  • Dewormer $36

Luckily we had doses remaining of the vaccine grant we were awarded back in the Spring so our cost today was greatly reduced. Those were the last of the grant. The surgery for Mist is a must and needs to be performed sooner than later. Sissy will require at least temporary medication for the hives – potentially ongoing treatment.┬áThe horses have not been trimmed in some time and will see our Farrier soon. All three require dewormer, feed, and hay.

Please consider a tax deductible donation towards this cost. These are the 152nd, 153rd, and 154th equines with over 90% of that number being from less than a 60 mile radius of our pastures. We can not continue supporting the community without your assistance. A small amount from many people makes a huge difference in the lives of the equines in our local community.

We welcome visitors to the rescue; in-kind donations; send cash, check, or money orders; or donate through PayPal at using the Friends and Family option. All donations go directly to an equine in need and are tax deductible.