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Trio Update

Trio Update

After our first inspection during the daylight hours we’ve found both good and bad.

Hiawasse does not know his name and it’s a mouthful so we need an appropriate barn name for him. Physically he’s in the best condition, which makes total sense as he’s the dominant one. His tail may be a loss unless someone has the patience and knowledge to unravel the knot. He did stand well for handling while it was being checked out.

Penny has a growth on her front right leg that is about an inch in diameter, length, and width. It is solid rock to the touch but does not seem to bother her. Veterinary discussions have already begun. She is the middle ground on physical health. Her mane and tail have a small amount of snarls that SHOULD be easy enough to clear. Penny is the most reactive to her surroundings even though she walked along the highway with zero issues last night.

Avery got a shower and a good brushing to get the remainder of the winter coat. She has scratches and scrapes nearly everywhere that we’ve doctored and recorded so we can see progression. She is the least dominant of the three so has the most physical concerns. She also has a nasty case of rain rot. Her tail is in decent condition but her mane is a huge knot. She will stand beautifully for just about everything. She loved her shower.