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Wild Ones!

Today we had our first ’roundup’ of the wild ones for Coggins and vaccinations.

We do not have a squeeze chute so we repositioned the corral panels so we could improvise. The burros and Sabih are still rather wild (we mostly like them that way) so extra attention is needed when trying to handle them.

We have been practicing with the burros so they knew they would be safe and not offered any pain while they were in the closed in spaces. Because of that practice, the burros went into their corners quite easily to wait on our Vet, Dr. Myran from Countryside Equiine Medicine and Dentistry.

Once all the excitement was done Sebastian and Baydom were also seen. Both had their Coggins pulled and Baydom is getting his health certificate for his travels to Texas.

We got finished just as the rain was starting. So happy we didn’t have to add that into the mix while we were working.